• Photo courtesy of Rob Chandanais. March 26, 2011, Capitol, Madison, WI, US

  • Photo courtesy of Glenn Halogwas. October 14, 2011, Old City, Oakland, CA, US

  • 2011: Long Live the Libyan Jamahiriya

  • Photo courtesy of Marc Eliot. February 10, 2008, France

  • El Retrato del Pueblo - A People's Portrait

  • Resist Imperialism | Support ALBA

  • War is Peace

  • Irony of Negro Policeman, Jean-Michel Basquiat

  • Fantasy - Itzah C. Kret

  • Nuclear Testing Occupation

  • La Habana Vieja, Havana, CH, CUBA

  • Orwell Was Right

  • The non-profit industrial complex

  • "I can only see a better world built on the ashes of this one."

  • Photo courtesy of Brendon. July 24, 2002, Gaza City, Gaza, Palestine

  • Photo courtesy of Jos van Zetten. April 4, 2009, Strasbourg

  • 2011: Mass Demonstrations in Support of Libya's Gaddafi

  • Iran IS NOT The Problem

  • The Black Bloc

  • School of the Americas

  • che

  • NGO to Funder - "What's My Line?"

  • "The fight for Syria is a fight for all the people of the world."

  • Obnoxious Liberals, Jean-Michel Basquiat

The road to hell is paved with corporate profits and compromised NGOs

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  • Fundacion Pachamama is Dead – Long Live ALBA | Part II

    “Industrial capitalists, employing those in the non-profit industrial complex as their personal soft-power sycophants, have every intention of controlling what remain of Indigenous People’s natural resources. Adding to centuries of colonialism, slavery, and genocide, native peoples now face a 21st century corporatocracy that seeks full privatization and commodification of the Earth’s remaining commons.”

  • For All Those Who Were Indian In A Former Life

    “Unfortunately, many white feminists do not want to take this time in their quest for instant spirituality. Profit-making often gets in the way of true sisterhood. However, white feminists should know that as long as they take part in Indian spiritual abuse, either by being consumers of it or by refusing to take a stand on it, Indian women will consider white “feminists” to be nothing more than agents in the genocide of their people.”

  • Anthropocene Boosters and the Attack on Wilderness Conservation

    “But the idea of commodifying Nature for economic and population growth is morally bankrupt. It seeks only to legitimize human manipulations and exploitation and ultimately is a threat to even human survival.”

  • The Dying Planet Index: Life, Death and Man’s Domination of Nature

    “Dressing the problems up as something they are not has become a strategic marketing exercise for ENGOs, undertaken to avoid scarring those living comfortable material lifestyles who have been numbed into a conformist existence of denial in which their donations buy penitence.”

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