The road to hell is paved with corporate profits and compromised NGOs

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  • FLASHBACK | “Cause-Related Marketing”: Why Social Change and Corporate Profits Don’t Mix

    “Right now, business is having its cake and eating it too.”

  • Architects of the Final Solution

    Photo: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other well-known personalities hold a banner outlining the Millennium Development Goals at a 2008 World Economic Forum event in Davos, Switzerland.… Read the rest

  • WATCH: Our Brand Is Crisis | The Buying of Bolivia

    “Without the noise of tanks or troops, these Americans have been spreading our brand of democracy from the Middle East to the middle of the South American jungle. OUR BRAND IS CRISIS is an astounding look at one of their campaigns and its earth-shattering aftermath.”

  • Banning NGOs in Somalia, or, Farmers Hate Food Aid

    “Before the banning of NGOs and the construction of the town’s canals, Qarawi says he was a “beggar”. “Every last week of the month we used to go to the NGOs’ office to ask for food. Sometime they will tell us there was no food. It was a shameful life.” Two years after deciding to return to farming, Qarawi is a happy man. “All my children go to school. I can afford to send them to study and I have surplus cash,” he said with a smile.”

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