The road to hell is paved with corporate profits and compromised NGOs

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  • Deconstructing, AVAAZ – and Industrial Civilisation
    "A hero for means someone who fearlessly and uncompromisingly cuts through the bullshit to tell us the way things really are."
  • Consumer Culture and Mental Health
    "My take is that Americans are politically illiterate, and in their infantile level of awareness, changing US society is so far beyond their collective ability that they cannot imagine anything but fantasies based on false hope and advertising."
  • Cameroon: WWF Complicit in Tribal People’s Abuse
    "Many Baka (such as the woman speaking in this video) in fact refer to anti-poaching squads as “dobi-dobi” (WWF), since they do not distinguish between WWF and Cameroon’s Ministry of Forests and Fauna."
  • “Changed Everything?”
    "As long as the Climate “Movement” is funded and run by elites seeking to control the message; seeking to cash in on “renewables”(which is what the entire fossil fuel divestment scam is all about) while assiduously avoiding (or condemning a la Ruffalo) any mention of actual carbon consumption, nothing changes and collapse is inevitable."
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