• Photo courtesy of Rob Chandanais. March 26, 2011, Capitol, Madison, WI, US

  • Photo courtesy of Glenn Halogwas. October 14, 2011, Old City, Oakland, CA, US

  • 2011: Long Live the Libyan Jamahiriya

  • Photo courtesy of Marc Eliot. February 10, 2008, France

  • El Retrato del Pueblo - A People's Portrait

  • Resist Imperialism | Support ALBA

  • War is Peace

  • Fantasy - Itzah C. Kret

  • Nuclear Testing Occupation

  • La Habana Vieja, Havana, CH, CUBA

  • Orwell Was Right

  • The non-profit industrial complex

  • "I can only see a better world built on the ashes of this one."

  • Photo courtesy of Brendon. July 24, 2002, Gaza City, Gaza, Palestine

  • Photo courtesy of Jos van Zetten. April 4, 2009, Strasbourg

  • 2011: Mass Demonstrations in Support of Libya's Gaddafi

  • Iran IS NOT The Problem

  • The Black Bloc

  • School of the Americas

  • che

  • NGO to Funder - "What's My Line?"

  • "The fight for Syria is a fight for all the people of the world."

Knowledge Is Power - Arm Yourself

From The Blog

  • Authoritarian Leftists | Kill the Cop in Your Head

    “The nature of capitalist competition demands that such methods and tactics be utilized to the fullest in order to “win” in the business world; the white left has in fact adapted these methods and tactics to their own brand of organizing, actively re-inventing and re-enforcing the very social, political, and economic relations you claim to be against; succeeding in undermining the very basic foundations of your overall theory and all variants of that theory.”

  • FLASHBACK: Democracy Now! Show Funder Censors Anti-War Journalist John Pilger

    “Authors, film-makers, poets make their way to a sanctum of liberalism bankrolled by the billionaire Patrick Lannan in the tradition of Rockefeller and Ford.”

  • Indigenous Cultural Survival: A Matter of Human Rights

    “Subsequently confined to a reservation on the mainland, Lummi Nation — which boasts the largest indigenous fishing fleet in the U.S. — has been targeted for destruction by three of America’s largest corporations: Peabody Energy, SSA Marine (SSA), and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad (BNSF).”

  • Avaaz: Manufacturing Consent for Wars Since 2011

    “Because John, Mais, Nick, Alice, Rewan, Wissam, Ricken and the rest… are really not our friends. They are humanitarian hawks, who are in the business of manufacturing consent for every Nato “intervention”. Indeed, I would like to ask John, Mais, Nick, Alice, Rewan, Wissam, Ricken and the rest, in good faith, just how do you sleep at night?”

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