350.org | Staff and Contact Information

Bill McKibben
President and Co-Founder
Vermont, USA
Twitter: @billmckibben

Landry Ninteretse
Africa Francophone Country & Media Coordinator
Bujumbura, Burundi
Contact: landry[at]350.org
Twitter: @lacanint

Sarah Rifaat
Arab World Coordinator, Egypt Lead Coordinator
Cairo, Egypt
Contact: sarah[at]350.org
Twitter: @sarahspeakstome

Matthew Anderson
Lead Designer
San Francisco, CA, USA
Random fact: Carl Sagan is my hero.
Contact: matthew[at]350.org
Twitter: @matt_anderson

Samantha Bailey
Africa Coordinator
Cape Town, South Africa
Contact: samantha[at]350.org
Twitter: @Samantha350

Micah Parkin
Colorado/Mountain Regional Organizer
Boulder, CO, USA
Contact: micah[at]350.org
Twitter: @Boulder350

Juan Carlos Soriano
Latin American Field Coordinator
Washington, DC, USA
Random fact: I enjoy cold showers.
Contact: juan[at]350.org
Twitter: @juanca_araali

Phil Aroneanu
U.S. Campaign Director and Co-Founder
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Contact: phil[at]350.org
Twitter: @philaroneanu

Paula Collet
Brasil Field Coordinator
São Paulo, Brazil
Random fact: I really like working with people.
Contact: paula[at]350.org
Twitter: @PaulaCollet

Julie Hudson
Development Associate
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Contact: julie[at]350.org

Rully Prayoga
East/Southeast Field Coordinator
Jakarta, Indonesia
Contact: rully[at]350.org
Twitter: @rully_350

Will Bates
Global Campaigns Co-Director and Co-Founder
Barcelona, Spain
Contact: will[at]350.org
Twitter: @will350

Kelly Blynn
Global Campaigns Co-Director and Co-Founder
Washington, DC, USA
Contact: kelly[at]350.org
Twitter: @kellyblynn

Joshua Kahn Russell
Oakland, California, USA
Contact: JoshuaKahnRussell[at]350.org
Twitter: @JoshKahnRussell

May Boeve
Executive Director and Co-Founder
Oakland, CA, USA
Contact: may[at]350.org
Twitter: @mayboeve

Jenny Marienau
North Carolina Field Organizer
North Carolina, USA
Contact: jenny[at]350.org
Twitter: @dadaka

Kevin Buckland
Art Ambassador
Contact: kevin[at]350.org
Twitter: @change_of_art

Anna Goldstein
U.S. Campaign Coordinator
Berkeley, CA, USA
Contact: anna[at]350.org
Twitter: @annagolds

Juliana Russar
Brasil Field Coordinator
São Paulo, Brasil
Contact: juliana[at]350.org
Twitter: @jrussar

Molly Haigh
U.S. Field Manager
Washington, DC, USA
Contact: molly[at]350.org
Twitter: @mollyhaigh

Jamie Henn
Communications Director and Co-Founder
Oakland, CA, USA
Contact: jamie[at]350.org
Twitter: @agent350

Oleg Izyumenko
Russian Language Outreach Coordinator
Stockholm, Sweden
Contact: oleg[at]350.org
Twitter: @oleg326756

Sara Camp
U.S. Campaign Coordinator
Alameda, CA, USA
Contact: sara[at]350.org
Twitter: @saralcamp

Jason Kowalski
Policy Director
Washington, DC, USA
Contact: jason[at]350.org
Twitter: @Jason350ppm

Christine Irvine
US Campaigns Coordinator
Chicago, IL, USA
Contact: christine[at]350.org
Twitter: @ChristineIrvine

Hannah Shultz
Translation Content Coordinator
Washington, DC, USA
Contact: hannah[at]350.org

Deirdre Smith
New Mexico Field Organizer
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Contact: deirdre[at]350.org
Twitter: @350NM

Jeremy Osborn
Operations Director and Co-Founder
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Contact: jeremy[at]350.org
Twitter: @JeremyEOsborn

Linda Capato
San Francisco, CA, USA
Contact: linda[at]350.org
Twitter: @Lightthematch

Aaron Packard
Oceania Region Coordinator
Wellington, New Zealand
Contact: aaron[at]350.org
Twitter: @AaronPackard

Jean Altomare
Office Manager
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Contact: jean[at]350.org
Twitter: @jeanaltomare

Heidi Quante
Creative Coordinator for 350 Earth Art
Contact: heidi[at]350.org
Twitter: @350eARTh

Duncan Meisel
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Contact: duncan[at]350.org
Twitter: @DuncanWrites

Rae Breaux
San Francisco, California, USA
Contact: rae[at]350.org
Twitter: @hoorae

Alex Bea
Online Campaigns Coordinator
Washington, DC, USA
Contact: alex[at]350.org
Twitter: @alexbea

Matt Leonard
Oakland, California, USA
Contact: matt.leonard[at]350.org
Twitter: @Losinghand

Diana Vogtel
European Coordinator
London, UK
Contact: diana[at]350.org
Twitter: @diana350

Jon Warnow
Web Director and Co-Founder
Oakland, CA, USA
Contact: jon[at]350.org
Twitter: @jwarnow

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